June 3, 2018
The Moscow Mule

I recently catered a great event at the Hall of Justice in Los Angeles. This stately and storied building was a spectacular location for this gathering. This building’s early 20th century history, was the perfect setting for serving of one of my favorite mocktails – The Moscow Mule (both mock and cocktail recipes follow). According to Devin Pratt @, the Moscow Mule is actually an American drink born out of the 1940’s/50’s vodka craze and the business needs of John Martin, owner of the Smirnoff brand, and his friend Jack Morgan, owner of the Cock n’ Bull in Los Angeles and maker of his own ginger beer. The two men put their heads together and invented the Moscow Mule that so many of us enjoy today.

A good Moscow Mule is made from quality ingredients mixed in proper proportions. The definition of “proper proportions” will vary with taste, but the result should be refreshing, not overly sweet and have good ginger flavor with a hint of lime. Ginger beer is the proper mix for this drink, not ginger ale. I break this rule in my mocktail version, but you will see why . . .

To mix yourself the proper Moscow Mule, start with a copper mug and add:


1.5oz Good Vodka

3oz Favorite Ginger Beer

The juice from 1/4 to 3/4’s of lime depending on taste and size of the lime

Garnish with lime and serve

NOTE: if you can’t get ginger beer, see the mocktail recipe below for ginger syrup.

Our mocktail version is designed with 2 requirements: 1) Be cost conscious for serves to a large group and 2) Make the guests feel they are drinking a cocktail that mirrors a Moscow Mule. This recipe does both. You will need to adjust the proportions to meet your needs.

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